Le Visage

Integrative Massage

New Offerings

- Guest Speaker at Senior Center, Garden Clubs and Local Businesses
- Mentoring Sessions for Licensed Massage Therapists

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Le Visage Integrative Massage: Grounded in Gratitude 

Linda celebrates her 25th anniversary read more

LeVisage is a therapeutic massage facility incorporating a personal and holistic approach to massage therapy.


Therapeutic Myofascial Massage
K.M.I. Structural Integration
Orthopedic Massage
Prenatal Massage

The Importance of Bodywork 

Most people think of therapeutic massage - bodywork - as a means of promoting relaxation and providing relief from the everyday stresses of life. And while massage therapy can dramatically improve the quality of our life by...

  • relieving stress and tension headaches
  • pain reduction
  • increasing circulation and flexibility
  • releasing endorphins
  • increasing venous and lymph flow

... therapeutic bodywork offers much more.