Le Visage

Integrative Massage

“Our entire family has benefited from Linda's knowledge and expertise. We are an active family and Linda has helped us through injuries and muscular tension with supportive and knowledgeable care. Our children are also very active in sports and they love seeing Linda - they are always asking me, "When is my next appointment with Linda?"
- Dina Sexton

“Massage was an essential and tremendous support to my body during my pregnancy. The treatments helped me emotionally as well as physically. It is a great healing experience!”
- Katherine Krouse

“Linda has helped me over the years keep up with my work and life with wonderful massage and bodywork. She has taught me stretches and strengthening exercises to keep up with at home which have benefited me greatly. She now does prenatal work on me which helps to support good blood flow, lengthened muscles and less swelling. She is very knowledgeable in her work and would recommend her to anyone, she is the best!”
- Kayleigh Nappi

“Routine visits with Linda have changed my life.  I have been seeing Linda for 10 years. I can live a normal healthy life in great part due to the treatments and education Linda provides. I no longer suffer from chronic neck muscle pain or wrist and elbow pain from repetitive work.  Linda is also helping my daughter who has scoliosis. Massage treatments from Le Visage can help you live a pain-free normal life!"     
- Mike

“A massage that lasts! Any massage professional can give you a massage, but Linda is the only one I know who has a plan to make it last. I have been seeing Linda for only a short period of time, but I feel much better because she has made a big difference in my pain management.”