I am glad to learn,
in order that I may teach.
- Seneca

About Linda

Integrative Massage

Le Visage

“My mission is to provide my clients with an integrated approach to massage therapy that combines bodywork, ergonomics, and postural and movement reeducation. It is my desire and goal to create and maintain a trusting rapport with each individual I serve.”
Linda St. Laurent
K.M.I Structural Integrator 
Aston-Patterning® Practitioner

Since graduating from the
Bancroft School of Massage, I have continued my bodywork and movement education under the guidance of the following:

  • Tom Myers Rolfer/Anatomist-Kinesis - Myofascial Structural Integration Certification
  • Aston-Patterning® - Movement Therapy Certification
  • Whitney Lowe - Orthopedic Massage Certification
  • Eric Dalton - Advance Myoskeletal Alignment​​
  • MotherMassage® - Massage During Pregnancy